The FloWave Expert Team

Chief Executive Officer Stuart Brown leads the FloWave team. Stuart oversees all aspects of the operation of the test facility to ensure that the commercial and research needs of the users of the facility are met to the fullest extent possible, and that the facility maintains the reputation it enjoys as one of the most sophisticated ocean energy test facilities in the world. Stuart has a professional background spanning more than 20 years in industry that includes both personal entrepreneurship and detailed technical engineering on behalf of major clients in the renewables sector.
Dr Tom Davey is Test Facility Manager for FloWave. Tom is the main technical contact for the facility and will coordinate individual and specific test programmes for users of the facility through the team of engineers that report to him. Tom has an extensive track record in the testing of marine energy devices within the Institute for Energy Systems and was a lead author for the University’s input to the EquiMar marine device testing protocols.
Dr Jamie Grimwade is Technical Sales and Business Development Executive for FloWave. Jamie is typically the initial client contact for the facility and will work as liaison between FloWave’s Engineering team and our commercial and academic clients to establish the scope, timing and cost of test campaign contracts. A qualified Naval Architect Jamie has extensive test and consultancy experience and was previously Principal Naval Architect at the former National Renewable Energy Centre – NaREC.
Dr Jeff Steynor is lead Project Engineer at FloWave. Jeff leads on technical delivery for clients and is the usual day-to-day technical contact for all clients of the facility from the pre-contract scoping stage right through pre-test engineering, testing and results analysis phases. Jeff has extensive experience working for and alongside marine energy technology developers at all stages of the the development cycle and is supported by a small team.
Soon to become a Doctor himself, Sam Draycott recently joined the FloWave Engineering team as having completed his three-year IDCORE  placement with us working towards his Engineering Doctorate (EngD). Fully familiar with tank operations as a result Sam leads on specific site simulation tasks and in his Project Engineer role supports all commercial and academic testing at FloWave.
Martyn Lennon is a recently qualified machinist technician seconded into FloWave from the University’s School of Engineering Technical Services department. Despite his youth Martyn is an excellent machinist and has made complex components and sub-components for a number of FloWave and other clients using the CNC and manual machines in FloWave’s specialist workshop. He is expert in machining aluminium as well as Divinicell and also supports client testing though design, manufacture, installation and set-up of rigs, jigs, mooring systems and pretty much everything else required to get tests efficiently set-up and running.
Professor Robin Wallace is a founding Director of FloWave TT Ltd. Robin has been involved in power generation and renewable energy throughout his career. In 1986 he moved from industry to the University, where his research interests include network integration of distributed renewable energy, including marine. He is Principal Investigator and Finance Lead of the EPSRC SuperGen Marine Energy Consortium; a Chartered Engineer; a Member of the IEE; and a board member of the Scottish Energy and Environment Foundation.
Professor David Ingram is a founding Director of FloWave TT Ltd, Director of Research for the School of Engineering, and Professor of Computational Fluid Dynamics in IES. His recent work has included the development of standards and protocols for marine energy systems, including procedures for quality-assured scale testing of devices using both test basins and computational models. He was instrumental in the design of the hydrodynamic systems for FloWave, and is Principal Investigator for a number of EPSRC projects that use the facility.