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FloWave available through MaRINET2 programme (Again!)

Once again the team at FloWave are very pleased to announce their participation in the Horizon 2020 funded MaRINET2 trans-national access programme. The programme supports technology developers to access top-level research facilities and infrastructures, and picks up the tab for the costs of access. FloWave is a full participant in the trans-national access programme and looks forward to welcoming a host of new developers into the tank.

Funded access is subject to a straightforward application process, and access to each facility is subject to appropriate allocation of time and budget. Consequently interested individuals and firms should make contact with the infrastructure managers early in order to be in with the best chance for funded access. For FloWave the contact points are Dr Tom Davey (Infrastructure Manager) and Dr Jamie Grimwade (Technical Sales and BDE).

FloWave Chief Executive Officer Stuart Brown, said: “Testing new designs and concepts at FloWave brings enormous benefit for developers in terms of anticipation of, and preparation for, the challenging complexities of deployment in the real marine environment. FloWave can perform all the usual long-crested and other tests that standard tanks can achieve, but goes beyond that with its unique capability to combine complex multi-directional sea-states – like wind-blown seas over a long-period swell – and can add current into the mix for a ‘total real environment’ simulation as well.”

“This ‘next generation’ step-change in test tank capability has already proven beneficial for a host of previous clients – including those testing under the first MaRINET programme – and we are pleased to say that all have gone on to then deploy devices successfully in the ocean.” Brown concludes.


FloWave is the most sophisticated test tank of its kind in the world. Through the MaRINET2 project and other collaborations FloWave helps ensure that Scotland and the UK remain at the forefront of ocean energy research, development and innovation.