About FloWave

FloWave is a wave and current simulation tank for use in the testing and development of novel ocean energy technologies.

As the first circular combined wave and current facility in the world, FloWave is the best simulation of real-world coastal waters available. It offers both commercial and academic clients the chance to accelerate the testing of their technology and is hence a huge asset to ocean energy research in the age of rapid renewable energy development.

Flowave Exhibition Video

You can watch this FloWave exhibition video on YouTube.

For new device developers FloWave represents a great asset for de-risking and refining performance of new designs at model scale before cutting steel on a first prototype. For more established device developers – meaning those with prototypes already in the water on test at EMEC and elsewhere – FloWave is an opportunity to run model-scale tests on revised designs that incorporate the 'lessons-learned' from actually having a device in the water.

Finally, for demonstrator project and commercial array developers FloWave presents a world-unique opportunity to validate CFD layout, micro-siting and energy yield predictions with physical modelling – before investing tens of millions in the project itself.


The capital outlay of the FloWave building and wave and current generations equipment has been grant-funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and loan-funded by the University of Edinburgh.

Additional straight and participatory grant funding to extend the capability and reach of the FloWave facility into other offshore marine energy sectors – specifically fixed and floating offshore wind and the marine operations that support all offshore renewables – has been provided by Scottish Enterprise.

The facility operates under the Institute for Energy Systems, one of five multi-disciplinary research institutes within the University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering, with the goal of increasing the Institute's internationally recognised expertise in marine energy device testing, evaluation and array deployment.

FloWave Ocean Research facility wave tank with spike wave bursting up from centre of tank