Latest FloWave News and Events

Read the Latest News and Upcoming Events from the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility.

  • A ‘Wow!’ moment. FloWave wins first prize in the ‘Equipment’ category with open day photo.

    EPSRC PhotoComp Winner
  • Due to the continued growth of research and commercial work being carried out at FloWave, we are now seeking to recruit an experienced Office Administrator to join the team!

  • FloWave’s spiral waves ‘party trick’ coded and tested in September 2015

    FloWave spiral waves video screenshot
  • Join us for a ‘get your hands wet’ tank testing best practice workshop before the start of ICOE-2016

    Tidal turbine array project during testing at the FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility at the University of Edinburgh
  • Exeter and Edinburgh Universities test up to 15 device arrays in FloWave’s fast currents

    An innovative new tidal turbine concept has been put through its paces after a rigorous eleven day test programme at the University of Edinburgh’s FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility.

    3 Exeter Farms 5 tidal turbines in a row at FloWave
  • FloWave CEO Stuart Brown sets out his thoughts on the future of ocean energy RD&I in the UK

    Innovation Awards placed in front of the FloWave tank
  • BusinessGreen Technology Awards recognise FloWave as Marine Energy Innovation of the Year 2015

    BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2015 - Innovation of the Year 2015, award beside tank
  • Membership underlines FloWave’s Research & Innovation credentials

    The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility at the University of Edinburgh has just joined AIRTO, one of the foremost organisations in the UK’s innovation, research and technology sector.

    Members of the public enjoy some of more unusual capabilities of the world-unique FloWave test facility
  • FloWave to replicate EMEC’s Billia Croo wave site in the onshore ocean test tank

    FloWave and EMEC  have joined forces for a ground-breaking project to recreate scaled versions of Scotland’s oceans in the laboratory.

  • Trans-Atlantic research funding package to focus on measuring & understanding tidal turbulence

    (Expansion on InnovateUK Official News Release – 21 July 2015)

    RSI Micro-Rider during its 2014 deployment at FloWave


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